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Smart Facades,
the next-gen safety for buildings.

Our evacuation system for buildings and skyscrapers is unique in the world. It’s a state-of-the-art patented architectural solution that integrates a Double Skin System into facades, providing efficient emergency exits for buildings.

Double Skin System,
efficient security.

A structure that adapts to all types of buildings from the outside, like a double skin. An efficient solution that connects all floors through various integrated evacuation methods such as ramps, slides, and tubes.

An accessible, intuitive, and agile evacuation.

With this system, people can move from floor to floor on the outside of the building safely, easily, and accessibly, even if they have limited mobility or need to assist others. It’s a self-contained evacuation system that doesn’t require the assistance of firefighters or security forces.

As an additional resource, the double skin integrates various tested and regularly reviewed gates with parachutes that work intuitively, allowing you to control the descent speed at all times.

Light signals to coordinate evacuation.

The walkways feature simple and universal ground signage with colored lights. Green leds intuitively indicate the right way, while red ones mark where not to go. This on-off system can be controlled by the emergency coordinator at any time from any mobile device.

Led ads system,
making safety accessible.

To democratize safety and simplify the installation of our Smart Facades with evacuation, we have developed a pioneering model at La Masia of Barça. Intelligent screens with led technology and renewable energy that enable a unique visual experience that adapts to each building and preserves visibility from the inside. Without light pollution, image distortion, or side reflections.

Building audit

Our team of engineers will make a building analysis to validate the installation of the Smart Facade. A quick audit that can be resolved within one month.

Double Skin Engineering

Custom design of the Double Skin System tailored to the building’s characteristics. In addition to providing safe emergency evacuation, this system updates and improves the appearance of very old or deteriorated facades.

Short-term installation

Once the engineering project is approved, construction work starts, adhering to our strict quality standards and efficient timelines.

Updates and maintenance

In addition to monitoring the parachutes, our team periodically reviews the installations to ensure proper functioning, developing updates to prevent technological obsolescence. Our maintenance team also includes spare parts inventory, electrical components like LEDs, electronic circuits, telephony, alarms, insurance, and cleaning.

Financing Program

The MCM LM Capital financing program provides upfront funding to the building owner to start the installation and amortize the investment through the leasing of Smart Facades and the sponsorships.

An innovative ads concept that funds the project and provides an advance to the building owner for future advertising operation.

Advertising ecosystem

In addition to financing the installation through advertising operation, the screens have other informative and interactive uses, serving as an additional source of income for building owners.

The Smart Facade is the starting point for creating a 360º ecosystem of actions. A successful case is our project with La Masía of Barça, an opportunity for brands to align with the values of this global sports icon and create powerful communication and social responsibility actions with a positive impact on society.

Additionally, in the event of an emergency or a power outage, authorities can use the Smart Facade to communicate alerts, with a 48-hour autonomy.

La Masia del Barça
Synergies with a sports icon.

The Smart Facade at La Masia del Barça has transformed the building into a contemporary architectural element. The integrated led screen represents a channel for advertisers and also the opportunity to create an ecosystem with partners that aligns with the club’s values.

Case Studies
A space with endless possibilities.

The project at La Masia is an example of the limitless synergies that can be developed through the club. It represents an opportunity for brands and partners to forge connections with Barça beyond sponsorship, aligning with values like teamwork, spirit of overcoming and tolerance.

In addition to being a media platform, these synergies allow for the development of corporate social responsibility projects such as meal scholarships, integration programs, educational plans or the Elite Foods certificate, the first nutritional label for elite athletes.

Odyssey Ibiza,
the world's largest concave led outdoor screen.

Our project at Odyssey and Leds has renovated a deteriorated hotel facade in Ibiza, implemented an efficient evacuation system and created a unique visual experience.

Case Studies
A unique visual outdoors experience.

The Double Skin at Odyssey Ibiza integrates an led screen on a 400m2 surface, making it the world’s largest concave screen. Its 8,7-degree concavity provides optimal outdoor viewing with an increased sense of depth, simulating a 3D effect. And it also reduces image distortion, side reflections, minimizes visual fatigue, and prevents light pollution.

We make safety accesible.

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