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Double Skin System
The Next-gen Safety Industries
Evacuation systems,
building a safer future

Our evacuation system for buildings and skyscrapers is a state-of-the-art patented architectural solution that integrates a Double Skin into facades and provides buildings with efficient emergency exits.

Smart Facades
Making safety accesible

To democratise safety and facilitate the installation of our evacuation systems, we have developed a pioneering model at La Masia del Barça and Odyssey Ibiza. These are smart screens, with LED technology and renewable energy, which allow interaction and the projection of advertisements to finance the works. A unique visual experience tailored to each building and respecting visibility from the inside. No light pollution, image distortion or side glare.

Elite Foods Certification
Verified nutrition for athletes

The world’s first food seal for sportsmen and women, together with the main football club in the world, which certifies that the products do not alter the anti-doping tests.

Leaders in singular buildings.
We make possible the impossible

We are experts in façades and special constructions that require innovative solutions, unique technology and non-standardised engineering.

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Fórum Building
La Masía F.C. Barcelona
Quirón Hospital
Our Background

Sobre nosaltres

We are human-centric engineers obsessed with developing systems and technologies that provide safety.

Our experience goes back to nuclear power plants, the ultimate in technology and complexity. And having controlled the safest buildings in the world, we apply their rigorous quality standards to urban projects, with buildings as unique as the Fòrum de les Cultures or the façade of the Porta Fira Hotel by Toyo Ito, best skyscraper in the world according to Award Emporis Skyscraper 2010.

In recent years, we have specialised in the engineering and installation of Smart Façades, a patented efficient evacuation solution for buildings and skyscrapers. This system integrates an exterior Double Skin with LEDs, which allows the visual exploitation of the façade itself with a double objective: To finance the installation works and to create unique visual experiences.


Antonio García-Valdecasas

CEO & Founder

Manel Cerqueda Díez


Manel Torras

CFO & Partner

José Luís Martí Lara


Carlos Dominguez Canino

Private Equity Advisor

Xavier Sales

Chief Architect

Alejandro Arenas Fradera

Corporate Communication Advisor
CEO & Founder of Séptimo

Juan Lopez de Sagredo Martos

Strategic advisor
FMCG & Retail

Rafael Rabat

Strategic Advisor

Laureano Gris

Strategic Advisor

Engineering with social impact

We develop engineering and laboratory solutions for people’s safety. Technologies and systems that have a positive impact on both urban architecture and lifestyle.

We make safety accessible

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