MCM Group begins using La Masia facades as a media platform


MCM Group will start marketing advertising spaces on two of the facades of La Masia, the residence where the young talents of the FC Barcelona live and train, by virtue of an agreement signed with the Catalonian football club. The spreading of messages and ads will be made possible thanks to the LED technology and the possibilities offered by the two 250-sq.m. screens that will be installed, the largest LED curtain screens in Europe.


MCM Group was the company chosen to finalize the construction of the new Masia facilities and will now be in charge of installing the LED technology on the fronts of the building. The light these two gigantic screens will give off will not hinder visibility from within the center of the premises. This new collaboration project between FC Barcelona and MCM Group comes after the two entities had joined forces to build the new residence.


MCM Group will be responsible for marketing the advertising actions and during the start of the project will invite all FC Barcelona partners to be the first to hire spaces within the new platform. Other entities will also be given the opportunity to use the screens and place their advertisements on one of the world-class training centers for young football players with the backing of the values conveyed by the institution, while respecting the existing sponsorship program of FC Barcelona.


This new project will be launched shortly with the introduction of the LED technology on the fronts where the screens will be installed. The first ad will unquestionably be a remarkable innovation, given the spectacular features enabled by this technology and the rather unusual size of the two LED-based 250-sq.m. screens. The messages will have a high resolution and will therefore be clearly seen, including from airplanes taking off or landing at El Prat airport or flying over the area.


For further information about the opportunities offered by this new service or how to hire advertising spaces, please visit the following webpage, which may also be accessed through the FC Barcelona website.