About us


In modern times, construction must be viewed from a sustainability perspective.It isn’t the time to invest in projects that are not founded on sustainable construction systems, from architectural, financial, environmental and safety viewpoints.For projects designed and executed by our group, the additional investment required to attain this objective will be handled and paid by the MCM GROUP.


Designs and proposes projects for new generation facades, based on the double skin system.This system allows for the commercial and financial development of facades, as well as a highly-innovative evacuation system.



Studies and proposes a patented evacuation system for buildings with heights greater than 50 meters, in the event of fires or disasters.This evacuation system optimises the construction area, as the building's floors are evacuated through the space between the two skins and, therefore, avoids having to construct the fire safety system inside the building.


Performs design and investment studies for advertising operations on facades, using an innovative LED system (patented). The initial project is realised by MCM ENGINEERING and the investment plan is drawn up by the MCM GROUP, without any additional cost for the owner.


In charge of the subsequent maintenance of the evacuation and advertising services.